Welcome to my blog! I hope you find something which entertains you and gets you thinking.

If you like what you read, it might interest you that I’m up for writing and consultancy engagements; ghost-writing blog posts, doing due diligence and strategy on your organisation’s IT, or just advising on a specific IT or general management issue.

As well as my communication skills, I offer a wealth of experience as a senior IT manager, leader and consultant, delivering excellence in all aspects of IT, from strategy to operation, with hands-on ITIL and PRINCE2 knowledge.

I’m about adding as much value as I can using capabilities built up in over 30 years in IT management, with no preconceptions about how I deliver that value.

You’ll get from my blog that I believe our traditional thinking about careers and job roles is becoming obsolete, and I’m committed to walking that talk.

I’m not about consultant day rates or sharp suits (although I do have a couple of those if that’s what’s called for).

Think of me more as the business equivalent of that reliable local odd jobs person who is sort of retired but still likes to keep their hand in, or a village elder – whatever you like.

That’s why my charging model is relaxed, based on how much value I add and what your business can afford. I’m not in it for the big bucks any more.

If all this interests you, call me on 07771 359657  or email me at nickteale0112@gmail.com.

I’m based in Ascot, Berkshire, with easy access to excellent transport links so I can serve your business effectively wherever you are in the UK.