Artificial intelligence versus the Art of the Deal

I’ve been thinking a lot about whether artificial intelligence (AI) could have a role in helping us do better deals more efficiently, without all that negotiation rigmarole that we’re so used to.   With the UK and the EU embroiled in possibly the biggest politico-economic deal of our lifetime, and the leader of the free… Read More

The service desk revolution – the age of the Information Ninja?

I was delighted when a former colleague got in touch about one of my blog posts. Apart from the boost to this writer’s fragile ego, it’s always great to hear from ex-workmates, and the cherry on the cake was that he suggested a post topic which particularly piqued my interest. We both worked in IT… Read More

Sell me this pen? No, thanks

I confess, I’ve always had a problem with selling. I don’t mean the basic process of exchanging goods or services for money; it’s the whole elaborate paraphernalia – cold calling, pitching, negotiating and closing and the rest – that makes me cringe. I think it’s because the fundamental motive of any sales related activity is… Read More