A lesson from Florence Nightingale in managing unprecedented times

‘Unprecedented’ is one word I’m looking forward to hearing a lot less once we get through this. It’s not just hearing it on TV every five minutes which grates, it’s the nagging feeling that  ‘unprecedented’ isn’t really that unusual. Lots of what we deal with, particularly in business, is unprecedented. Hearing the word constantly repeated… Read More

From Winston Churchill to Boris Johnson – Leadership styles and the power of ‘We’

When UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on TV that we needed to be prepared to lose loved ones before their time to the Covid-19 virus, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in feeling shocked, even though I knew something like this was coming. Perhaps not surprising, as this was probably the first time since World… Read More

Are we losing our bottom, and should we care?

No, I’m not talking about that kind of bottom, so don’t worry, this hasn’t turned into yet another diet and exercise blog; besides, I’m not sure I’d have the energy. What I’m calling ‘bottom’ is the rigour, intellectual weight and sense of social responsibility we put into our decisions and actions. In our fast-moving, agile,… Read More

#MeToo, Boris, Ken and managing prejudice at work

You don’t need me to tell you that politics of hate is big right now, from Brexit to alleged antisemitism in the UK Labour party, from #MeToo to popularist political movements fuelled by distrust or hatred of other social groups. There’s been plenty of speculation and debate about the causes, so I’d like to focus… Read More

GDPR the sequel – now it’s personal

I recently jumped on the GDPR bandwagon with a blog post about it, and I couldn’t resist coming back to it. In that post I argue the importance of the ‘Four Ps’ in complying with the regulations: does your implementation address the fundamental principles, are those principles all pertinent to your organisation, and are your GDPR… Read More

The Elephant Man, GDPR and four Ps to prevent panic

I recently acted in a local community production of ‘The Elephant Man’ by Bernard Pomerance . It’s a moving and thought-provoking play which I can recommend if you get a chance to see it. One of the thoughts it provoked for me, somewhat bizarrely, was about GDPR and similar regulations and standards, and specifically, the… Read More

Hokey Cokey Management and the Anti-Legacy Legacy

During my years in IT management, I heard more than enough cynical responses to the regular round of strategic changes handed down from on high. One hardy perennial was ‘What goes around comes around’; the view that these changes never took us forwards but simply circled us back to somewhere we’d been before. In the… Read More

The service desk revolution – the age of the Information Ninja?

I was delighted when a former colleague got in touch about one of my blog posts. Apart from the boost to this writer’s fragile ego, it’s always great to hear from ex-workmates, and the cherry on the cake was that he suggested a post topic which particularly piqued my interest. We both worked in IT… Read More

What happens when the work runs out?

Automation’s impact on society is generating much interest, with prognostications all the way up to impending robot Armageddon. Even more measured assessments warn of a double squeeze on resources as the population ages and a significant proportion of human jobs are automated. I’ve written about this in two previous posts on this blog, about the… Read More