Artificial intelligence versus the Art of the Deal

I’ve been thinking a lot about whether artificial intelligence (AI) could have a role in helping us do better deals more efficiently, without all that negotiation rigmarole that we’re so used to.   With the UK and the EU embroiled in possibly the biggest politico-economic deal of our lifetime, and the leader of the free… Read More

A lesson from Florence Nightingale in managing unprecedented times

‘Unprecedented’ is one word I’m looking forward to hearing a lot less once we get through this. It’s not just hearing it on TV every five minutes which grates, it’s the nagging feeling that  ‘unprecedented’ isn’t really that unusual. Lots of what we deal with, particularly in business, is unprecedented. Hearing the word constantly repeated… Read More

From Winston Churchill to Boris Johnson – Leadership styles and the power of ‘We’

When UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on TV that we needed to be prepared to lose loved ones before their time to the Covid-19 virus, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in feeling shocked, even though I knew something like this was coming. Perhaps not surprising, as this was probably the first time since World… Read More

The farmer and the cowherd, the innovator and the enterprise architect should be friends

A couple of recent articles got me thinking about the relationship between innovation and enterprise architecture in the digital business age. At first glance, the two areas may seem as closely related as a unicorn and a public library. However, Chris Barianuk’s BBC News piece “Blockchain: The Revolution that hasn’t quite happened” and Gerben Wierda’s Linkedin… Read More