On the communications side, I can help you with your copy writing, blogging and social media content, presentations, or pretty much any kind of comms requirement you may have.

When it comes to IT consultancy, I offer a standard package which I can tailor to your needs:

A free, no obligation initial consultation

I’ll assess all your IT – hardware, software, security, contracts, processes – and you can tell me any pain points, all under a non-disclosure agreement.

I’ll give you my high level findings and recommendations. It’s not a sales pitch – it’s completely up to you whether you want to engage me, based on how useful you think my recommendations are.

A flexible, value based, Pay What You Want contract

If you decide you want me to help, we agree a contract based on what value I can add, what you can afford and what you want to pay.

I can do fixed price, fixed cap, fixed term or time and materials based contracts, whatever suits you. I’m in this for the challenge, not for big bucks, so what you pay is entirely down to what you can afford and what value you get from my input.

Full due diligence on your IT

Once we have a contract I’ll do a full detailed due diligence exercise on your IT to make sure I’ve identified all the improvement opportunities.

Quick wins and strategic direction

Based on the due diligence, I’ll identify and implement any short term improvements and produce a costed IT strategy and 5 year plan for your business. I can also deliver any other IT related deliverables you need – improved IT service contracts, information security policies, business continuity plans, I’ll even go through all that redundant kit in the cupboard and get it securely disposed of, if that’s what you need.

Follow up

My objective is to leave you an IT strategy and set of contracts that don’t need full time management – you can get on with running your business without having to worry about the IT every five minutes. If you want, though, I can pop back in from time to time to check all is running smoothly and tweak the strategy as needed.